Drawer Box



All of our drawers are soft close, synchronized on ball bearing runners. They operate very smoothly and are strong with a 40kg or 70kg weight limit per drawer! The drawer unit shown could in theory store a third of a tonne!


Full extension and color co-ordinated.

All drawers are full extension which means the whole drawer extends out in to the room. The drawer is available in 450mm or 500mm deep. The bottom and back are also 18mm MFC and co-ordinate with the cabinet.


Maximum Space

The drawer box can be as high and deep as needed with gallery rails to make full use of pan drawer space. Various options for metal and glass sides as well as special low height draw boxes and extra deep sides.

Pantry Box


Fits in 600mm Drawer


  • The  Pantry-Box is a useful storage solution for vegetables, fruit or bread  and includes a removal plastic grid with drainage and ventilation slots  as well as a smaller carry box with handle
  • Slots onto drawer sides


Does not use any power

Better than having a bread bin on your worktop.

Optional wooden base for bakery goods.

Come and see one in our showroom. 



Euro Cargo (showroom)

One of the more expensive bins made to fit 400mm - 600mm cabinets. This is a 450 or 500mm with 2 x 35 litre bins. Door fits to the front of the bin and comes out with the bin when in use.


Oeko Bin (Supplier image)

Premium bin by Vauth Sagal and made to fit 400mm - 600mm cabinets. Slightly smaller than the Euro cargo bin, but you can fit it into a drawline unit. Door fits to the front of the bin.

Easy Cargo Bin

Easy Cargo (showroom)

Made only for 400 or 500mm cabinet size only, this is one of the biggest bins you can buy. The single 400mm version is 40 litres and the 500mm twin bin is 49 litres (1 x 19 & 1 x 30 litre). Door fits to cabinet.



Euro Cargo 60 Bin (showroom)

Made to suit a 600mm cabinet, this bin is one of the biggest. It fits a 600mm base cabinet and is capable of taking the extra weight. Door fits to bin.


Vauth Sagal Bin (showroom)

Built to a budget and to fit 300mm - 600mm. Soft close runners as standard and side mounted. Door fits to bin.


Franke Cube Bin (supplier image)

One of the cheapest bins we do, but still good quality is the cube bin by Franke. Available in 2 x 15 litre or 3 x 10 litre and to suit a minimum cabinet size of 300mm. If having hinged door it may be necessary to raise the bin above the bottom hinge arm.



Vauth Sagal Envi Space Pro 300mm (showroom)

Single large 32 Litre bin that fits into a 300mm base unit. 

Small 1.2 litre bin for composting.

Door attaches to the front of the bin.


Vauth Sagal Envi Pro 600 (supplier image)

2 x 32 and 1 x 21 litre bins, this is one of the biggest bin available. 

Can be done even bigger if cabinet has back moved. 


Under sink Bins (showroom)

There is not always room to fit a bin in the sink unit but there are various specially made bins that may  work. 

Corner Storage


Corner Fold Chrome (Showroom)

New to the market is the corner fold. It replaced the magic corner and is much stronger and more flexible. These are not handed. The frame is always a steel grey powder coated finish, but baskets can be linear silver or chrome, mesh chrome or flat laminated. Soft close as standard the door works as normal. Door attaches to the mechanism. 


Flex Corner Lava (showroom)

Not as quick to operate as the Fold, but all baskets do come out into the room. Door fits to cabinet which is easier to fit and less chance of the door dropping.

Twin Corner

Le Mans type Corner (showroom)

Two kidney shaped baskets that move together. Less popular than a magic or flex corner as they do not utilize as much of the corner base, but still popular. Please see Slide corner for better option.

Corner Storage


Slide Corner (showroom)

Similar to the Le Mans type corner, but with independent shelves. Much easier to access items on the bottom shelf.


Fly Moon Corner (supplier image)

Very similar to Slide Corner but available in larger sizes to fill the corner cupboard better and also available with moulded shelves.


Power Slide (supplier image)

Much the same as the Slide corner but a moulded shelf and bigger sizes. 

Corner Storage


Corner Fold Chrome (showroom)

New to the market this strong and new take on a magic corner will be popular. Made by Vauth Sagal (Germany) this luxury corner solution will make good use of any standard corner base.


Re-Corner Maxx (supplier image)

Pole Free smooth running rotating corner solution that utilizes the 900mm L shaped corner base to the fullest. 


Re-Corner Maxx Curved (supplier image)

Made in Germany by Vauth Sagal, this pole free corner solution is the best you can get for a 900 L shaped corner base. Very smooth in operation and maximum use of the corner unit.



Standard Pull Outs (supplier image)

Larder pull outs made to a budget but still functional. 

Made in the UK these offer good quality at the right price.

I do not recommend centrally mounted larders for 500 or 600mm cabinets.


Premium Pull Outs (showroom)

Made in Germany by Vauth Sagal these pull outs offer soft close and a bigger range of sizes. The ball bearing runners offer a smoother operation and spare baskets are available.


Rear Mounted Pull Outs (showroom)

Also made in Germany by Vauth Sagal these new pull outs are mounted inside the cupboard so the weight stays inside the cupboard. This prevents the larder getting out of alignment and means the door will not move as it is not attached to the larder.



Base pull outs (showroom)

Premium soft close pull out baskets with mesh, linear wire or solid base (shown). Made in Germany by Vauth Sagal we only use the best for better operation and longer life.


Basket Pull Outs (showroom)

There are various basket pull outs to suit every budget, but the VS versions are the very best. 


Knife block, utensils and more. 150mm +

The above is not a complete list of what is available.

We can normally source something to suit your needs. We are now a Hafele Studio partner which means we have specialist knowledge and many of these items on display.  

This is the only section on our website where we have used 

some supplier images.