We control specification, quality and sizes.


We make better units

CNC manufactured to tighter tolerances, with a lower carbon footprint. 

Panels fit together flush and have no chipped edges.

Manufactured from Egger board made in County Durham. 

(it has a superior density and strength). 146+ colours.

PVC edged in at least 0.8mm PVC / ABS edging.

Solid 18mm backs in Base and Wall unit.

Fully rigid construction with drawers factory fitted.

All cabinets have a 5 year warranty.

Soft close hinges and metal drawers have a 25 year warranty.


Bespoke sizes are possible.

We can make special sizes to cope with low ceilings or around obstacles.

We can move the back of the unit to miss soil stacks or house special appliances, such as deep wall microwaves.

We are not bound by a price list or suppliers catalogue. 


Need to get over a problem?

The cabinet can be made to negate a problem in the factory rather than the fitter modifying a stock item to and leaving it without edging where it has been cut down or adjusted. 

There are many more things we include that make the kitchen easier and quicker to fit. We can pre-fit pull outs and drawers if needed.

We also include new ideas to make them stronger and more functional. 



Base Cabinet

The cabinet is the heart and strength of any kitchen and really matters if it is going to last and perform well.  

All kitchen cabinets are supplied rigid (ready made up).

All edges are PVC edged, in at least 0.8mm or more.

All cabinets have an 18mm solid back routered into the side panel.

All hinges and drawers are soft close, and runners are full extension ball bearing synchronised runners.

Only the holes needed are drilled.

Standard and bespoke sizes are available.



Quality wall cabinet

Same specification of our base cabinet.

We also fit a solid 18mm back to all wall units that is routered into the side panel.

This makes them much stronger and you can get a fixing anywhere you need one.

As standard we make our wall units 300mm deep, but we can do any size to suit you.



Grass Tiomos Hinges (25 Year warranty)

The Impresso hinge by Grass is one of the most expensive, but best hinges on the market. It has built in adjustable soft close and utilizes the impresso fixing instead of small screws that often break or fail. With three way adjustment and inline mounting plate for improved strength. They also offer touch to open and in-frame soft close versions. 



Drawer Box (25 year warranty)

One of the hardest working parts of any kitchen, a quality drawer box is a must. 

Grass runners are all metal with built in soft close and available in 40kg or 70kg ratings.


Color coordinated or matching

The drawer bottom can be made from the same PVC edged material as the cabinet, making it strong and co-ordinates with the cabinet.

The back of the drawer is also a solid 18mm.


Full Extension

The drawer box extends all the way into the room and is a true full extension runner. The runner also has a geared opening which synchronizes both drawer runners. We can give the option to have the drawer box be as deep as the back (500mm), and we can go even deeper for specials. Glass sides, deeper profiles and rails are available.



Nova Pro & Scala

The minimum standard drawer box that we fit.

Full extension with synchronized runners.

270 - 500mm deep.

40kg & 70kg weight capacity.

Cutlery trays and dividers available.


Dynapro Drawers

Wooden drawer boxes and deeper sides.

Runner is located under the drawer box for increased space.

Tipmatic push to open option and electric opening.



Setting new standards in drawer boxes for size and available space.

Extra thin sides for maximum space and new and different finishes.