3D Solutions

We can offer almost any style in many colors to suit any taste.

We offer a bespoke size and color service on many of our doors.

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3D Solutions Kitchens

A leading UK manufacturer of doors and our main supplier for all Vinyl, Acrylic, PVC and some timber doors.


3D Solutions Bedrooms

Standard, Custom and Bespoke sizes are all possible from this leading UK based supplier.



Premium Doors

Burbidge offer in-frame and more traditional timber doors in bespoke and standard colours.

They do also offer some contempory doors in finishes nobody else does.

Burbidge is more expensive than 3D solutions, 

so if you are buying from a house builder we supply it will probably put you over budget.

Door Handles

Traditional Handle

Modern Classics

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Modern Handle


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Sleek and Simple

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